In the early years of practice I realized I was trashing my body. I had to find out why, so I could keep dancing.
I began to work with the two of the most obvious body systems, bones and muscles. I figured bones were meant to bear weight and the muscles function was to realize impulse. I was requiring my muscles to do too much work supporting weight. Instead, I could align my bones for that purpose. As I continue working with this, I'm becoming aware of how essential it is to have an engaged, awake center to support the whole process. Like a 'grand central station' to route and coordinate the impulses arising and dispersing, traveling between me and my periphery, between me and you. I study efficiency of movement. What is the least effort required in any circumstance? Learning efficiency has dramatically effected my ability to sustain extended dancing and prevent injury. That does not mean that I always dance effortlessly. Sometimes, I thoroughly enjoy and need to exert my muscles, work them hard. Knowing what is efficient helps me to know whether I am ‘muscling’ for the satisfaction or the habit. Read More ...


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