At Night

They come in twice a night to stop us from dreaming. "Live your life like a movie. Have you ever done that?" They vacuum the dreams out through our ears, out through our eyes. "Have you ever done things the way they're done in movies? Have you?" They vacuum the dreams out through our mouths. "Live like you're watching yourself on a big screen in a dark room. Live like you're ten feet tall." They strap our heads down and make us suck the metal sucking us. "Have you ever lived like flat light projected through a tiny lens? Have you?" That's how they steal our dreams.
Sometimes they use tweezers to pick dream bits out of our nostrils. They reach inside and pull out little pieces of our dreams. Just like that. "Live like William Goldman has written your screenplay, and John Williams has set you to music." They get the dreams out through all the holes a head has. "Live like Coppola's directing you." It hurts!
"Live as if your life is going to be novelized." They scrub the dreams out of our pores. "Life your life in exactly one hundred thirteen minutes."
I wonder what they do with them, those dreams they steal. "Live your life on VHS and Beta, and on cable TV." They take away our dreams.

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